SALT Attire brings to you the sharpest assortment of 9to9 clothing, formals and business casuals for women. We offer standard sizes & tailored fits. The most loved brand by women, we offer premium quality, finish & flattering fits.

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A Classic
A Classic Verdant,Black-Treggings
Jacquard Sunset,Black-Treggings
Raspberry Crush
Raspberry Crush Raspberry,Black-Treggings
Paris Winter
Paris Winter Seine-Houndstooth
Ace of Spades
Ace of Spades Spade,Earnest-Black
Check Mate
Check Mate Checkered,Cardamom
Classic Checks
Classic Checks Firecracker
Poncho Must Have
Poncho Must Have Pixel,Polar,Earnest-Black
Work & Travel Friendly
Work & Travel Friendly Wolverine,Acorn,Earnest-Black
1 Dress Many Ways
1 Dress Many Ways Acai-Houndstooth
Black Jack
Black Jack Jack,Earnest-Black
Vintage Vibes
Vintage Vibes Sable,Scot-Houndstooth
Play me a Classic
Play me a Classic Cardamom
Ginger it Up
Ginger it Up Ginger
Goes with everything
Goes with everything Acorn,Earnest-Black
Sunny Side Up
Sunny Side Up Woody-Mustard,Earnest-Black
It's time to Wine
It's time to Wine Chianti,Earnest-Black
Black Must Have
Black Must Have Pinewood,Firecracker
Code Black
Code Black Woody-Black,Earnest-Black
Sunny Jacket
Sunny Jacket Sandalwood,Prestige-Black
Time for Vino
Time for Vino Vino,Earnest-Black
Winter Flowers
Winter Flowers Flowerbomb
Neutral Floral
Neutral Floral Chamomile
Of Knits & Florals
Of Knits & Florals Gardenia
Subtle Floral
Subtle Floral Hibiscus,Earnest-Black
Cozy in Florals
Cozy in Florals Floret,Earnest-Black
Green Sheen
Green Sheen Aadya
Graceful Grape
Graceful Grape Saanvi,Earnest-Black
Blush All the way
Blush All the way Amara,Earnest-Black
Glazed in warm pink
Glazed in warm pink Ira-Pink
Sap Green Details
Sap Green Details Tulsi-Green,Earnest-Black
Drenched in Purple
Drenched in Purple Pihu
Floral & Sheer
Floral & Sheer Mehr,Earnest-Black
Dazzle Them
Dazzle Them Farah
Black Swan
Black Swan Johi,Earnest-Black
Gold Nugget
Gold Nugget Shiza,Earnest-Black
of Roses & Silk
of Roses & Silk Gul
of Silk & Gold Tones
of Silk & Gold Tones Nazm
A Dress & A Tunic
A Dress & A Tunic Ikjot
Wine & Dine
Wine & Dine Medh,Earnest-Black
Dinner Ready
Dinner Ready Nyra
Versatile for Festivities
Versatile for Festivities Vani,Earnest-Black
Stun the Crowd
Stun the Crowd Estaa
A Silver Dove
A Silver Dove Fulki,Earnest-Black
The Afterglow
The Afterglow Izna,Earnest-Black
Shimmer Me
Shimmer Me Mirai,Earnest-Black
Party or Sundowner Ready
Party or Sundowner Ready Aarna
Organza Radiance
Organza Radiance Saira,Earnest-Black
Tickled Pink
Tickled Pink Committed-Pink,Lupin-White
Think Pink
Think Pink Credible-Pink
Be Formal & Fun
Be Formal & Fun Butternut,Resolute-Black
Drench in Mocha
Drench in Mocha Mocha,Resolute-Taupe
Stay Classy & Chic
Stay Classy & Chic Zenith-Cream
Cool Cream Co-ords
Cool Cream Co-ords Noble-Cream,Swift-Cream
Bold & Beautiful
Bold & Beautiful Walnut
Add some Caramel
Add some Caramel Caramel,Resolute-Taupe
Get Highlighted
Get Highlighted Cookie Dough
Wear the Sunrays
Wear the Sunrays Cream Sunray,Resolute-Black
Suited in Cream
Suited in Cream Astute-Cream,Audacious-Cream,Butternut
Lounging in Formals?
Lounging in Formals? Disciplined-Navy,Lupin-Navy
Shades of Aqua
Shades of Aqua Cerulean
Lavender Flavor
Lavender Flavor Slate,Lupin-Black
Lush Lavender
Lush Lavender Iridium,Lupin-White
Soothing Tones
Soothing Tones Cyan,Lupin-White
Lavender Power
Lavender Power Astute-Dusty Lavender,Suave-Dusty Lavender,Creative-Black
Bold & Comfy
Bold & Comfy Creative-Black,Swift-Olive
A Stunner
A Stunner Stalwart
The Domino Effect
The Domino Effect Chloe-B&W,Resolute-Black
Wine Pairings
Wine Pairings Berry,Lupin-Taupe,Baroque on brass stick
Geometric Dreams
Geometric Dreams Mahogany,Resolute-Taupe
Bold yet Fun
Bold yet Fun Spunky-Taupe,Mahogany,Resolute-Taupe
A Maroon Vibe
A Maroon Vibe Prestige-Maroon
Symmetry in Fit
Symmetry in Fit Claire-Maroon
Lemon Spritzer
Lemon Spritzer Lemon,Refined
Pastel Yellow Spunk
Pastel Yellow Spunk Spunky-Lemon,Lupin-Taupe
Coffee Aficionado
Coffee Aficionado Coffee Print Shirt,Earnest-Black
The Chocolate Lover
The Chocolate Lover Nutella,Obeisant
It's pizza o'clock
It's pizza o'clock Pizza,Birch
Tea Positive
Tea Positive Chai,Obeisant
Paper Plane memories
Paper Plane memories Paper Plane,Earnest-Black
Life is like an ice-cream
Life is like an ice-cream Ice Cream-Sky Blue,Earnest-Black
You make me melt
You make me melt Ice Cream-Peach,Refined
Cutting Chai
Cutting Chai Chai-Crop Shirt,Suave-Brown
Pan Pizza
Pan Pizza Pizza-Crop Shirt,Birch
Fuzzy Stream
Fuzzy Stream Tie Dye Shirt-Rust,Niagra
Walnut Crumple
Walnut Crumple Tie Dye Shirt-Umber,Niagra
Ocean waves
Ocean waves Tie Dye Shirt-Aqua,Niagra
Always Classic
Always Classic Bamboo Tee-OffWhite
Sweet Vanilla Mint
Sweet Vanilla Mint Accordion Skirt-Mint & Yellow,Bamboo Tee-OffWhite
Sunset Hue
Sunset Hue Bamboo Tee-Rust Orange
Blush Florals
Blush Florals Accordion Skirt-Black Floral,Bamboo Tee-Blush Pink
Shades of Jade
Shades of Jade Bamboo Tee-Moss Green,Accordion Skirt-Yellow & Blue,Eccentric Circles
A Peach Sea
A Peach Sea Accordion Skirt-Seagreen & Peach,Bamboo Tee-Blush Pink
Tuscan Yellow Sun
Tuscan Yellow Sun Bamboo Tee-Tuscany Yellow
Mint Potpourri
Mint Potpourri Accordion Skirt-Mint Floral,Bamboo Tee-OffWhite
Drenched in blue
Drenched in blue Bamboo Tee-Indigo Blue
Forest Dreams
Forest Dreams Accordion Skirt-Yellow & Blue,Bamboo Tee-Moss Green,Eccentric Circles
Pink Perfect
Pink Perfect Bamboo Tee-Blush Pink
A Soothing Palette
A Soothing Palette Fluorescence
Contrast Foliage
Contrast Foliage Clear Sky
The Golden Hour
The Golden Hour Flora
Petals paradise
Petals paradise Petals paradise
Breathe Life Into
Breathe Life Into Revive,Earnest-Black,Citrine Bird Cage
Turn a new leaf
Turn a new leaf Peace,Earnest-Black
Living Free
Living Free Free Spirit,Baroque on brass stick
Putting Back Together
Putting Back Together Serene,Green Kyanite & Amethyst
A Clean Slate
A Clean Slate Pristine,Earnest-Black
The Classic Crop Top
The Classic Crop Top Skye,Paloma
Slip Into Style
Slip Into Style Frida,Kiwi
Sophisticated-Yet-Easy Clive,Becky
Ease Into The Day
Ease Into The Day Huey,Tori
The Pretty Pink Hue
The Pretty Pink Hue Chico,Brink
Elevated Essential
Elevated Essential Snowy,Paloma
Casual & Smart
Casual & Smart Dewey,Cher
From Brunch To Dinner
From Brunch To Dinner Barrett,Cameo
Linen Blues
Linen Blues Andre,Becky,Ala
Effortless Everyday
Effortless Everyday Zena,Kale
Linen Days Ahead
Linen Days Ahead Sativa,Sprue
Add Some Blush
Add Some Blush Petrie,Brink
The Summer Blazer
The Summer Blazer Evie,Doris,Tori
The Staple White Shirt
The Staple White Shirt Fiona,Chantilly-Mint,Niagra
Cool & Casual
Cool & Casual Rio,Niagra
For Work & Beyond
For Work & Beyond Miller,Niagra
Classic Colorblock
Classic Colorblock Heron,Pebble
Your Go-To Green For Summer
Your Go-To Green For Summer Karen,Niagra
Fresh & Easy Vibes
Fresh & Easy Vibes Chantilly-Mint,Niagra
Of Breezy Blue Days
Of Breezy Blue Days Topaz
Beat The Blues
Beat The Blues Stella,Niagra
Effortless Whites
Effortless Whites Doris
A Fresh Take
A Fresh Take Petie
Blush-Worthy Belle
Not-The-Regular Tern,Niagra
The Flared Detail
The Flared Detail Aloe
Pretty Pink
Pretty Pink Roseate
Breeze Through the Day
Breeze Through the Day Griffin
Wrapped & Ready
Wrapped & Ready Chive
Chic Smart
Chic Smart Simone,Niagra
Tie The Knot
Tie The Knot Ember
A Fresh Floral Spin
A Fresh Floral Spin Spurge
Light Up The Mood
Light Up The Mood Scarlett
Celebrate The Onset Of Spring
Celebrate The Onset Of Spring Rusty
A Mint Mood
A Mint Mood Prado
Blooming Days
Blooming Days Lucy
Of Minty Floral Days
Of Minty Floral Days Polly