Your Hunt for Clothes Stops Here! From perfect tailored pants & skirts, elegant yet comfortable dresses to simple formal shirts, we've got your back! With contemporary designs, luxury fabrics, flattering fits for Indian body shapes, subtle but impressive details and unlimited alterations, Salt Attire offers 9am-9pm clothing, capsule wardrobes, styling and personalization services for the modern Indian woman.

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looks we love

Waffle Waffle
Black Swan
Black Swan Black Swan
Bambi Bambi
Twinkle Twinkle,Generous-Black
Walnut Walnut,Refined
Dusty Rose
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose,Refined
Riddle Riddle,Generous-Black
Honeycomb Honeycomb,Generous-Black
Riverside Riverside,Earnest-Beige
Spring Peach
Spring Peach Spring Peach,Refined
Strawberry-Peach Strawberry-Peach,Refined
Sunflower Sunflower,Earnest-Grey
Airy Blue
Airy Blue Airy Blue
Peach Nougat
Peach Nougat Peach Nougat
Sunkissed Spring
Sunkissed Spring Sunkissed Spring
Reggae Reggae
Patmos-Green Stripes
Patmos-Green Stripes Patmos-Green Stripes,Refined
Cyprus Cyprus,Refined
Mallorca Mallorca
Diamond Silver
Diamond Silver Diamond-Grey Plaid,Creative-White,Silver-Grey Plaid
Iridium Iridium,Mary
Palladium Palladium
Patmos Patmos,Mary
Kos Kos,Mary
Milos Milos,Mary
Hydra Hydra
Corfu Corfu
Elegance Personified
Elegance Personified Sacramento,Earnest-Black
Tea Party Ready
Tea Party Ready Tea Party,Earnest-Grey
Suit Up in Cotton
Suit Up in Cotton Aruba,Maldives
Pollux Pollux,Refined
Inventive-Polka Inventive-Polka,Refined
Chia-Polka Chia-Polka,Refined
Altair Altair
Hadar Hadar
The Robot
The Robot The Robot
The Disco
The Disco The Disco
Electric Slide
Electric Slide Electric Slide
The Hustle
The Hustle The Hustle
Bold-Beige Plaid
Bold-Beige Plaid Bold-BeigePlaid,Parmesan
Brick Brick,Earnest-Black
Yam Yam,Earnest-Black
Vogue-Black Vogue-Black
Vogue-Maroon Vogue-Maroon
Blueberry Blueberry
Anna Anna,Earnest-Grey
Anandi Anandi,Earnest-Black
Ocean-White Ocean-White,Earnest-Grey
Jamaica Jamaica
Hawaii Hawaii
Bali Bali,Mary
Santorini Santorini
The Plaza
The Plaza The Plaza,Refined
Empire State
Empire State Empire State
The Met
The Met The Met
Chrysler Chrysler
Time To Bloom!
Time To Bloom! Bloom, Earnest-Grey
Floral Prints
Floral Prints Flora
Ready For Spring!
Ready For Spring! Bouquet
Faithful Faithful
Urbane Urbane
Casablanca Casablanca
Morocco Morocco, Mulberry
Marmalade Marmalade
Dignified-Blue Dignified-Blue
Blazing-Orange Blazing-Orange
Ocean Ocean, Earnest-Black
Charming Charming, Earnest-Black
Modish-Orange Modish-Orange, Earnest-Black
Papaya Papaya, Earnest-Black
Sushma Sushma,Earnest-Black
Green Stride
Green Stride Modish-Green,Earnest-Beige
Forest Biome
Forest Biome Forest
Back to Nature
Back to Nature Suave,Creative-White
Palm Bathing
Palm Bathing Biome,Refined
The BluePrint
The BluePrint Fjord, Creative-White
Aqua Cool
Aqua Cool Aquarius
A Pastel Palette
A Pastel Palette Gulf-Sky Blue, Creative-White
Sky Blue Suits You!
Sky Blue Suits You! Gritty-SkyBlue,Gulf-SkyBlue, Creative-White
Serene Success
Serene Success Earnest-Cream,Creative-White
Dressed For Success
Dressed For Success Gritty-Black,Generous-Black
Suit Up!
Suit Up! Drill-Black,Witty-B&W Stripes
Power Mode On!
Power Mode On! Gritty-Cream,Earnest-Cream
Sing Me a Carol
Sing Me a Carol Carol,Earnest-Grey
Piece of a Pie
Piece of a Pie Pie,Earnest-Grey
On The Go
On The Go Ribbon,Earnest-Grey
Nerdy Elf
Nerdy Elf Elf,Generous-Black
Holly Dress
Holly Dress Holly
Working on a Holiday ?
Working on a Holiday ? Jingle,Earnest-Grey
Tinsel Season
Tinsel Season Tinsel,Earnest-Grey
Rudolph The Rednosed
Rudolph The Rednosed Rudolph,Earnest-Grey
Time For Candy
Time For Candy Candy,Earnest-Grey
Jolly Good
Jolly Good Jolly
Stunning Blue
Stunning Blue Legacy, Earnest-Black
Antique Peach
Antique Peach Antique Peach
Heritage Blue
Heritage Blue Heritage Blue
Midas Midas
Chirpy-Maroon Chirpy-Maroon, Empress-White
Persian Persian
Drill-Black Drill-Black, Chia
Bronzer Bronzer, Earnest-Black
Glaze Glaze, Earnest-Beige
Golden Golden, Earnest-Black
Glitz-Black Glitz-Black
Tiffany Tiffany
Bubblegum Bubblegum, Earnest-Black
Hazel Hazel
Teal Twist
Teal Twist Teal Twist
Radiant Purple
Radiant Purple Radiance-Purple
Mint Julep
Mint Julep Julep, Earnest-Black
 Purple Sheer
Purple Sheer Periwinkle, Earnest-Black
Strawberry Tart
Strawberry Tart Strawberry Tart
The Vintage
The Vintage Musk Ox,Polar,Caribou
Chic Winter
Chic Winter Oreo,Fox
Stay Warm but Be Cool
Stay Warm but Be Cool Polar,Caribou
Winter Everything
Winter Everything Beluga,Acai
Dare to Glamor
Dare to Glamor Glamor Grape
Luscious Green
Luscious Green Jade Green
Drape Me Purple!
Drape Me Purple! Violet Twist
Rich Green Ruffle
Rich Green Ruffle Pear
Razzleberry Pie
Razzleberry Pie Razzleberry
Glam It Up!
Glam It Up! Radiance-Black
Dazzle Me!
Dazzle Me! Dazzle,Earnest-Beige
Formals You Need
Formals You Need Flawless-Ice Blue,Beacon
Boardroom Ready
Boardroom Ready Perfect-Light Red, Earnest-Black
Ready For The Week
Ready For The Week Perfect-Lavender, Beacon
Perfectly Crisp
Perfectly Crisp Domino-Grey, Obsidian
Stripe It Out!
Stripe It Out! Rhea
Check Mate
Check Mate Firecracker
Soft Pink, Bold Contrasts
Soft Pink, Bold Contrasts Pink Swirl
Stay in Check
Stay in Check Galaxy Blue, Earnest-Grey
Cashing The Check !
Cashing The Check ! Picante, Diligent-Black
Stunning All the way!
Stunning All the way! Tiramisu
Wine O'Clock
Wine O'Clock Bordeaux, Beacon
A Fresh Pine Look
A Fresh Pine Look Chardonnay, Earnest-Black
Royal Satin
Royal Satin Gimlet, Earnest-Grey
Harmonic Details
Harmonic Details Gita,Earnest-Grey
Its Party O'Clock
Its Party O'Clock Cognac-Gold, Dependable-Black
Cosmopolitan Dreams
Cosmopolitan Dreams Cosmopolitan-Silver
Premium Presence
Premium Presence Ira
Festival to Formal
Festival to Formal Ameya,Ajaya
A Symphony of Pleats
A Symphony of Pleats Nitya,Earnest-Maroon
Graceful Stride
Graceful Stride Pankh
Winning with Elegance
Winning with Elegance Snowbird, Moritz
The Game Changer
The Game Changer Davos
In Your Stride
In Your Stride Zermatt
Owning It!
Owning It! Killington, Whistler
Elevated Friday
Elevated Friday Anne, Earnest-Olive
Bring On The Business Casuals
Bring On The Business Casuals Sonja, Chia
Ready to Take On
Ready to Take On Cleopatra
Pretty Peaches
Pretty Peaches Elizabeth
The Ikat Look
The Ikat Look Rania, Earnest-Black
Stunning Details
Stunning Details Mehndi
Sprinkle the Shimmer
Sprinkle the Shimmer Zevar
Shine with Class
Shine with Class Barfi, Earnest-Beige
Dress For Success
Dress For Success Ambitious-Plaid
Suit It Up!
Suit It Up! Active-Plaid,Kilt-Navy
Stay In Check
Stay In Check Tartan-Dark Grey
Relaxed but poised
Relaxed but poised Punalu
Green is My Color!
Green is My Color! Palm
Boss Lady
Boss Lady Secure-Black
Succeed with Comfort
Succeed with Comfort Groovy-Maroon
Work Hard & Stay Snug
Work Hard & Stay Snug Piano, Earnest-Grey
Sunkissed Day
Sunkissed Day Sunrise, Earnest-Black
Going Green! Are We?
Going Green! Are We? Zesty-Green, Earnest-Grey
The Lilac Statement
The Lilac Statement Thistle, Earnest-Black
Poised with Purpose
Poised with Purpose Logical-Green, Earnest-Black
With Purpose
With Purpose Prestige
The Graceful Meetings
The Graceful Meetings Quartz
The Deal Closer
The Deal Closer Shamrock
Boardroom Ready
Boardroom Ready Sky
The French Elegance
The French Elegance Bateau
Pop the Champagne
Pop the Champagne Perignon, Generous-Black
Bold Elegance
Bold Elegance Eloquent
Elevated Everyday
Elevated Everyday Objective, Earnest-Black
Power Meets Elegance
Power Meets Elegance Widget, Expressive
Subtle Highlights
Subtle Highlights Contour-Black&White
Bold Elegance
Bold Elegance Peppercorn
The Effortless Sophistication
The Effortless Sophistication Chervil, Beacon
TGIF! Mulberry, Earnest-Maroon
Stay Classic
Stay Classic Acai, Salt, Kiran
The Soft Touch
The Soft Touch Dutee, Charcoal
The Premium Look
The Premium Look Faye, Earnest-Maroon
Linen Suits You!
Linen Suits You! Botswana,Dependable-Black
Elevated Jacket
Elevated Jacket Vital-Chambray,Dependable-Black
Elegance Meets Cozy
Elegance Meets Cozy Oregano, Gold Beaded
Cozy Power
Cozy Power Basil, Niagara, Gold Ribbon
Snug Sophistication
Snug Sophistication Parsley, Earnest-Black, Drop Bar
The Metropolitan Look
The Metropolitan Look Metropolis, Dependable-Umber
The Origami Cuff
The Origami Cuff Widget, Maritime
Roll Up Your Sleeves
Roll Up Your Sleeves Stargate
Every Detail Matters
Every Detail Matters Quantum
Wine It Out!
Wine It Out! Malbec
The Purple Fix
The Purple Fix Pinot, Beacon
The Shirt Top
The Shirt Top Stellar, Earnest-Black
The Contrasts
The Contrasts Harmony, Niagara
The Everyday White
The Everyday White Tranquil, Maritime
The Finishing Touch
The Finishing Touch Articulate-White, Earnest-Black
Comfort Boardroom Look
Comfort Boardroom Look Selene
Work Like a Boss
Work Like a Boss Athena
Meeting Deadlines !
Meeting Deadlines ! Calypso
The Grey Suit
The Grey Suit Active-Grey, Earnest-Grey, Windsor
Pure Power
Pure Power Vital-White, Beacon, Zealous
Power Play!
Power Play! Vital-Maroon, Vanilla, Earnest-Maroon
In the Pink
In the Pink Taffy
Color me Pink
Color me Pink Rouge, Beacon
Blush to Success
Blush to Success Rosewood
Purposefully Yellow
Purposefully Yellow Canary
Mustard Sunshine
Mustard Sunshine Dijon
The Smart Casuals
The Smart Casuals Vivid, Mist
The Classic Bodycon
The Classic Bodycon Befitting
Elevated Boadroom Essential
Elevated Boadroom Essential Contour
Dress for Everyday
Dress for Everyday Juniper
Power Dressing In Style
Power Dressing In Style Progressive-Black, Diligent-Black, Windsor
The Modern Look
The Modern Look Progressive-Beige,Jedi
Linen Suit Up
Linen Suit Up Serengeti,Tanzania