Affordable Luxury - Our pledge is to bring you premium fabrics, elegant designs and impeccable craftsmanship at a reasonable yet approachable price

Size & Fit - We offer 3 kinds of fits: Fitted, Straight, Comfort. In addition, we offer unlimited alterations and bespoke fitting.

Quality, Finishing & Details - All our clothing is modest with no plunging necklines or high slits that would make you uncomfortable at work. Shirts are gaping free, Tailored Pants and skirts are made with stretch fabric, For any design that uses a sheer fabric, we provide you with a complimentary camisole.


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looks we love

Fuchsia Diaries
Fuchsia Diaries Strawberry, Smoke
The Pink Monday
The Pink Monday Coral, Indigo
Tickled Pink
Tickled Pink Rose
The Chic Pink
The Chic Pink Strawberry, Orca
The Rosemary Classic
The Rosemary Classic Rosemary, Indigo
The Floral Executive
The Floral Executive Petunia, Chalk
The Charming Orchid
The Charming Orchid Orchid
Stars Aligned
Stars Aligned Vega
Dot Sprinkled
Dot Sprinkled Antilia, Graphite
Starry Eyed
Starry Eyed Cygnus, Jedi
Checklist Dress
Checklist Dress Yin
Checks Means Business
Checks Means Business Yang
Sophistication In Check
Sophistication In Check Lattice, Orca
The Gingham
The Gingham Dolphin, Graphite
In a Day's Work
In a Day's Work Dew, Orca
Stay In Check
Stay In Check Crossword, Graphite
So Much Flair
So Much Flair Checkered, Charcoal
Close That Deal
Close That Deal Dew, Graphite
Between The Lines
Between The Lines Stripes
Sweet As Maple
Sweet As Maple Maple
The Bold Cobalt
The Bold Cobalt Cobalt, Coal, Trumpet
Swing into the evening
Swing into the evening Jet, Ginger
So Energetic
So Energetic Noir, Charm
Santorini! Santorini
Saturday Deadline
Saturday Deadline Jamaica
Breezy Bermuda
Breezy Bermuda Bermuda, Charm
Classy Comfort
Classy Comfort Aruba, Charcoal
Working Weekend
Working Weekend Bali, Jedi
The Workaholic
The Workaholic Bali, Silver
Business Lunch
Business Lunch Hawaii, Coal
Deal Maker
Deal Maker Salt, Andaman
Andaman Cocktail
Andaman Cocktail Vanilla, Andaman
The Bahamas
The Bahamas Bahamas, Alchemy
Playful Comfort
Playful Comfort Vanilla, Trumpet
Work to Wine
Work to Wine Noir, Ginger
Silky Chocolate
Silky Chocolate Chocolate, Alchemy
Eden Garden
Eden Garden Eden, Chalk
Smart Casual
Smart Casual Vanilla, Maritime
Being Playful
Being Playful Navy Tee, Trumpet
Simple Elegance
Simple Elegance Brunette, Graphite
Olive Luxe
Olive Luxe Poppy, Alchemy
The Classic
The Classic White Tee, Silver, Coal
Linen Comfort
Linen Comfort Fresh, Charm
Cool & Calm
Cool & Calm Bora Bora, Silver
Mid-week Mint
Mid-week Mint Sea Green, Glacier
Pink Monday
Pink Monday Salt, Desert Sand
Crisp Comfort
Crisp Comfort June, Olivia
Friday Twirl
Friday Twirl Kite, Coal
Work & Play
Work & Play Iris, Maritime
The Ruby
The Ruby Thea, Graphite
The Sunshine!
The Sunshine! Lemon, Chalk
Basic Summer
Basic Summer Chantilly, Alchemy