Your Hunt for Clothes Stops Here! From perfect tailored pants & skirts, elegant yet comfortable dresses to simple formal shirts, we've got your back! With contemporary designs, luxury fabrics, flattering fits for Indian body shapes, subtle but impressive details and unlimited alterations, Salt Attire offers 9am-9pm clothing, capsule wardrobes, styling and personalization services for the modern Indian woman.

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looks we love

Paisley Fairytales
Paisley Fairytales Boteh
A Whiff of Rose
A Whiff of Rose Begonia,Earnest-Black
Prints That Please
Prints That Please Cypress
Dreamy Days
Dreamy Days Gaura
In Praise of Pink
In Praise of Pink Camellia
Classy Demeanor
Classy Demeanor Azalea,Cypress
Peter Pan Notes
Peter Pan Notes Naomi
Zig Zag Diaries
Zig Zag Diaries Veronica
Cold Weather Chic
Cold Weather Chic William
Print Play
Print Play Beryl,Peridot
The A-line Fall
The A-line Fall Zinnia
Forest Daydreams
Forest Daydreams Green Opal
A Dose of Green
A Dose of Green Jade Onyx
A Bit Bold
A Bit Bold Malachite,Beryl,Peridot
Dainty & Delicate
Dainty & Delicate Ava
A Rosy Affair
A Rosy Affair Charlotte
Details of Ruffles
Details of Ruffles Evelyn
Earthy Chic
Earthy Chic Valour,Earnest-Black
Spelling Sophistication
Spelling Sophistication Vaillant
The New Essential Coat
The New Essential Coat Gallant,Creamlette,Suave-Brown
Spark Some Joy
Spark Some Joy Affable,Earnest-Black
Make Me Blush
Make Me Blush Spry,Chipper
A Pop of Print
A Pop of Print Amiable
Lift Up The Mood
Lift Up The Mood Feisty
The Bright Bold Blazer
The Bright Bold Blazer Perky,Chipper,Mulberry
Rust & Ready
Rust & Ready Daylily,Earnest-Black
Stay Warm & Bright
Stay Warm & Bright Hoya,Earnest-Black
For Extra Warmth
For Extra Warmth Creamlette,Earnest-Black
Comfy Chic Vibes
Comfy Chic Vibes Blue Mist,Earnest-Black
Ease Into The Day
Ease Into The Day Primrose,Earnest-Black
A Dotted Affair
A Dotted Affair Kigali,Earnest-Black
Playing Stripes
Playing Stripes Yoruba,Earnest-Black
Pretty & Puffed
Pretty & Puffed Zulu,Earnest-Black
Maroon Marvel
Maroon Marvel Tunis,Polar
Geometrical Shift
Geometrical Shift Swahili
Stripe Spirit
Stripe Spirit Mombasa
Fit & Flare
Fit & Flare Maputo
Back To Basics
Back To Basics Flurry,Pearl,Earnest-Black
Floral Bliss
Floral Bliss Frozen Garden,Earnest-Black
Easy On The Eyes
Easy On The Eyes Iceberg,Earnest-Black
Mustardy Snug Style
Mustardy Snug Style Glacier,Noir Velvet
Walk The Line
Walk The Line Zebra Tie,Earnest-Black
Leopard Lovin
Leopard Lovin Jaguar
The Stripe Tribe
The Stripe Tribe Preto,Earnest-Black
Flouncy Play
Flouncy Play Zebra Stripe
Connect The Dots
Connect The Dots Krem,Earnest-Black
A Striking Sight
A Striking Sight Leo Creme,Earnest-Black
Spotted Splendor
Spotted Splendor Bruin Fall
Moonlit Nights
Moonlit Nights Mink,Grace
Pretty Powerful
Pretty Powerful Coniferous,Earnest-Black,Polar
A Graceful Tale
A Graceful Tale Garnet,Noir Velvet
Glow Getter
Glow Getter Scintillate-Black,Midnight-Satin,Molten Caramel
Glisten In Green
Glisten In Green Glisten-Green
Deep Hued Delights
Deep Hued Delights Glisten-Maroon
Rise & Shine
Rise & Shine Scintillate-Taupe,Monarch
Less Is More
Less Is More Honey Dew,Monarch
Black Beauty
Black Beauty Angelica
Radiant Route
Radiant Route Opulent-Beige,Molten Caramel,Midnight Satin
Powder Palette
Powder Palette Piano-Powder Blue,Niagra
Wine O' Clock
Wine O' Clock Whistler-Wine Cape,Faithful
A Winter Tale
A Winter Tale Paraguay,Earnest-Black,Creamlette
Fanciful Falls
Fanciful Falls Rhine,Pearl
Oh So Pink
Oh So Pink Pink Tart,Niagra
Dual Tone Days
Dual Tone Days Cheesecake,Faithful
Warm Staples
Warm Staples Cappuccino,Prestige-Black
Colorblock It Is
Colorblock It Is Danube,Polar
Playing Monochrome
Playing Monochrome Missouri,Danube
SHIFT Your Style
SHIFT Your Style Selenge
Geometrical Dialogues
Geometrical Dialogues Tocantins,Danube
Desert Grey
Desert Grey Orinico,Parana,Polar
The Best of Black
The Best of Black Seine,Pearl
Conversations Over Coffee
Conversations Over Coffee Coffee Puff,Parana
It's A Long Long Winter
It's A Long Long Winter Volga,Faithful
Dive Into Burgundy
Dive Into Burgundy Tahoe-Burgundy
It's The Detail
It's The Detail Whistler-Powder Blue,Faithful
All Things Blue
All Things Blue Zermatt-Powder Blue
Floral Bloom
Floral Bloom Peach Champagne
Flower Hour
Flower Hour Mint Champagne
Dress Down Smart
Dress Down Smart Scot-Small Checks,Bagpipe-Small Checks,Creative-White
Bold Impressions
Bold Impressions Ardbeg,Scot-Big Checks Navy,Creative-White
Black Is The New BLACK
Black Is The New BLACK Macallan,Scot-Big Checks Black,Polar
Suit Up
Suit Up Bagpipe-Small Checks,Glen,Creative-White
Balmy Days
Balmy Days Loch Ness
For The Boss Lady
For The Boss Lady Loch Lomond
In Warm Winter Hues
In Warm Winter Hues Ballantine,Petal
Checkmate Glen,Bagpipe-Small Checks,Creative-White
Mustard Moods
Mustard Moods Solden
Work & Play
Work & Play Skirret-Navy Ribbed,Vail
Modern Minimalism
Modern Minimalism Megeve
Think Pink
Think Pink Sugarloaf,Eagle
Mustard Melodies
Mustard Melodies Maple,Earnest-Black
Daydreaming of Pastels?
Daydreaming of Pastels? CottonCandy,Eagle
Navy Indulgence
Navy Indulgence Vail,Earnest-Black
A Season of Silhouettes
A Season of Silhouettes Reindeer,Fox-Burgundy,Polar
Long Story
Long Story Alaskan Burgundy,Fox-Burgundy,Polar
Tales of Winter
Tales of Winter Tundra,Polar,Earnest-Black
Colour Me Earthy
Colour Me Earthy Moose
Powerdress A Little
Powerdress A Little Eagle,Barkha,Macallan
Warm Vibes
Warm Vibes Puffin,Polar
Wrap It Up
Wrap It Up Fox-Burgundy,Polar
A Flared Affair
A Flared Affair Meher,Guldasta-Beige
Twirling Tales
Twirling Tales Ikjot,Champa
Top Of The Lot
Top Of The Lot Chavi,Indu-Light Gold
Dressier Days
Dressier Days Chaaru
A Silver Statement
A Silver Statement Sashi,Indu-Silver
Chanderi Treasures
Chanderi Treasures Mahum,Indu-Gold
Silver Soiree
Silver Soiree Jhanvee,Indu-Light Gold
Made of Gold
Made of Gold Ginni,Gamani-Gold,Svarn
Fuchsia Stunner
Fuchsia Stunner Sunehri,Gamani-Pink
Two Tone Dazzle
Two Tone Dazzle Hiranya
Brocade Wrap
Brocade Wrap Harsha
Eternal Light
Eternal Light Hargun,Gamani-Gold
Mughal Dreams
Mughal Dreams Noorie,Gamani-Pink
Zaffre Gold
Zaffre Gold Kanak
Sweet Vanilla Fields
Sweet Vanilla Fields Chic-White Cotton Linen
Lavendar Spring
Lavendar Spring Creative-White,Skirret-Purple
Dress Game Strong
Dress Game Strong Nargis
Cocktail Hour Done Right!
Cocktail Hour Done Right! Chic-Black
Don't Skirt the Issue
Don't Skirt the Issue Creative-White,Skirret-Black&White
An Elegent Touch
An Elegent Touch Amaltas
Happiness is Feeling Good
Happiness is Feeling Good Zesty-Red Floral,Earnest-Navy
Everyday Bold
Everyday Bold Red Clover
Bold Power
Bold Power Corsage-Red Floral,Earnest-Navy
A Summer Best Friend
A Summer Best Friend Berry Blast,Niagra,Blue pea
Spice Your Look!
Spice Your Look! Namak,Chilli
Sunshine Mood!
Sunshine Mood! Moong,Niagra
A Rosy Situation
A Rosy Situation Rooh,Afza
Boss it Up!
Boss it Up! Namak,Brunnera,Blue pea
Refined Comfort
Refined Comfort Nutmeg,Vasco
Scarlet Light
Scarlet Light Paprika
Lounging At Work?
Lounging At Work? Namak,Curry
Icy Cool
Icy Cool Anemone,Black pepper
Fresh As Petrichor
Fresh As Petrichor Namak,Ginger
Comfort Crimson
Comfort Crimson Sumac,Niagra
Suit Up For Your Zoom Call!
Suit Up For Your Zoom Call! Namak,Herbal,Coriander
Gracefully Sporty
Gracefully Sporty Peach Dot
Fresh Mint Elegance
Fresh Mint Elegance Mint Dot
Leisurely Bold
Leisurely Bold Luna,Bamboo Tee-Off White
Power Polka
Power Polka Nova
Sip The Coffee!
Sip The Coffee! Coffee Polka
Utorda Utorda,Paula
Miramar Miramar,Ponda