Your Hunt for Clothes Stops Here! From perfect tailored pants & skirts, elegant yet comfortable dresses to simple formal shirts, we've got your back! With contemporary designs, luxury fabrics, flattering fits for Indian body shapes, subtle but impressive details and unlimited alterations, Salt Attire offers 9am-9pm clothing, capsule wardrobes, styling and personalization services for the modern Indian woman.

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Fuzzy Stream
Fuzzy Stream Tie Dye Shirt-Rust,Niagra
Walnut Crumple
Walnut Crumple Tie Dye Shirt-Umber,Niagra
Ocean waves
Ocean waves Tie Dye Shirt-Aqua,Niagra
Always Classic
Always Classic Bamboo Tee-OffWhite
Sweet Vanilla Mint
Sweet Vanilla Mint Accordion Skirt-Mint & Yellow,Bamboo Tee-OffWhite
Sunset Hue
Sunset Hue Bamboo Tee-Rust Orange
Blush Florals
Blush Florals Accordion Skirt-Black Floral,Bamboo Tee-Blush Pink
Shades of Jade
Shades of Jade Bamboo Tee-Moss Green,Accordion Skirt-Yellow & Blue,Eccentric Circles
A Peach Sea
A Peach Sea Accordion Skirt-Seagreen & Peach,Bamboo Tee-Blush Pink
Tuscan Yellow Sun
Tuscan Yellow Sun Bamboo Tee-Tuscany Yellow
Mint Potpourri
Mint Potpourri Accordion Skirt-Mint Floral,Bamboo Tee-OffWhite
Drenched in blue
Drenched in blue Bamboo Tee-Indigo Blue
Forest Dreams
Forest Dreams Accordion Skirt-Yellow & Blue,Bamboo Tee-Moss Green,Eccentric Circles
Pink Perfect
Pink Perfect Bamboo Tee-Blush Pink
Time with Yourself
Time with Yourself Hydrangea,Semi-Precious Sapphire Stones
Finding Comfort
Finding Comfort Bloom,Semi-Precious Sapphire Stones
Forest of Enchantment
Forest of Enchantment Forest of Enchantment,Semi-Precious Sapphire Stones
A Soothing Palette
A Soothing Palette Fluorescence
Contrast Foliage
Contrast Foliage Clear Sky
The Golden Hour
The Golden Hour Flora
Petals paradise
Petals paradise Petals paradise
Breathe Life Into
Breathe Life Into Revive,Earnest-Black,Citrine Bird Cage
Predicting Clear Skies
Predicting Clear Skies Harmony,Black Onyx & Shell Pearl
The Azure Calm
The Azure Calm Rejuvenate,Semi-Precious Sapphire Stones
Turn a new leaf
Turn a new leaf Peace,Earnest-Black
Living Free
Living Free Free Spirit,Baroque on brass stick
A mid-summer Breeze
A mid-summer Breeze Flower Child,Black Onyx & Shell Pearl
Putting Back Together
Putting Back Together Serene,Green Kyanite & Amethyst
A Clean Slate
A Clean Slate Pristine,Earnest-Black
At The Crossroads
At The Crossroads Invigorate,Earnest-Black,Semi-Precious Sapphire Stones
The Classic Crop Top
The Classic Crop Top Skye,Paloma
Slip Into Style
Slip Into Style Frida,Kiwi
Sophisticated-Yet-Easy Clive,Becky
Ease Into The Day
Ease Into The Day Huey,Tori
The Pretty Pink Hue
The Pretty Pink Hue Chico,Brink
Elevated Essential
Elevated Essential Snowy,Paloma
Casual & Smart
Casual & Smart Dewey,Cher
From Brunch To Dinner
From Brunch To Dinner Barrett,Cameo
Linen Blues
Linen Blues Andre,Becky,Ala
Coveted Whites
Coveted Whites Whitey,Tori
Effortless Everyday
Effortless Everyday Zena,Kale
Linen Days Ahead
Linen Days Ahead Sativa,Sprue
Add Some Blush
Add Some Blush Petrie,Brink
The Summer Blazer
The Summer Blazer Evie,Doris,Tori
The Staple White Shirt
The Staple White Shirt Fiona,Chantilly-Mint,Niagra
Cool & Casual
Cool & Casual Rio,Niagra
Slip Into Solids Effortlessly
Slip Into Solids Effortlessly Monlo,Niagra
For Work & Beyond
For Work & Beyond Miller,Niagra
Classic Colorblock
Classic Colorblock Heron,Pebble
Your Go-To Green For Summer
Your Go-To Green For Summer Karen,Niagra
Fresh & Easy Vibes
Fresh & Easy Vibes Chantilly-Mint,Niagra
Of Breezy Blue Days
Of Breezy Blue Days Topaz
Beat The Blues
Beat The Blues Stella,Niagra
Effortless Whites
Effortless Whites Doris
A Fresh Take
A Fresh Take Petie
Blush-Worthy Belle
Not-The-Regular Tern,Niagra
The Flared Detail
The Flared Detail Aloe
Pretty Pink
Pretty Pink Roseate
Breeze Through the Day
Breeze Through the Day Griffin
Wrapped & Ready
Wrapped & Ready Chive
Chic Smart
Chic Smart Simone,Niagra
Tie The Knot
Tie The Knot Ember
A Fresh Floral Spin
A Fresh Floral Spin Spurge
Light Up The Mood
Light Up The Mood Scarlett
Celebrate The Onset Of Spring
Celebrate The Onset Of Spring Rusty
A Mint Mood
A Mint Mood Prado
Blooming Days
Blooming Days Lucy
Of Minty Floral Days
Of Minty Floral Days Polly
Refreshing Black
Refreshing Black Harley
Tie Up Details
Tie Up Details Molly
Sweet Sunny Days
Sweet Sunny Days Bowie
Bell Ballads
Bell Ballads Cosmo
Floral Complimets
Floral Complimets Cupid
Make It Bloom
Make It Bloom Sparky
A Striking Spirit
A Striking Spirit Dale
Dressy Easy
Dressy Easy Sweet Pea
Happy Summer Vibes
Happy Summer Vibes Bitsy
Prints Of Charm
Prints Of Charm Ethel
Royal Sheath
Royal Sheath Zircon
Bright Delight
Bright Delight Sphene
Of Cheerful Days
Of Cheerful Days Claire
Work & Play
Work & Play Salvia
Unmatched Elegance
Unmatched Elegance Melody
Everyday Blooms
Everyday Blooms Chloe
Geometrical Notes
Geometrical Notes Iris Blue
A Striking Charm
A Striking Charm Carlina
Play Up The Look
Play Up The Look Garcia
Spring & Sun
Spring & Sun Lopez
Prints That Charm
Prints That Charm Melena
For Joyful Days
For Joyful Days Tofu,Earnest-Black
Prints On The Block
Prints On The Block Daffy,Earnest-Black
Blazer Bliss
Blazer Bliss Sparkle,Birch,Tofu
Tasteful Paisley
Tasteful Paisley Irum,Natalie
In Chic Company
In Chic Company Samantha,Natalie
Plum Poise
Plum Poise Zoey,Irum,Natalie
Printed Primaries
Printed Primaries Zain,Zoey
Paisley Fairytales
Paisley Fairytales Boteh
A Whiff of Rose
A Whiff of Rose Begonia,Earnest-Black
Prints That Please
Prints That Please Cypress
Dreamy Days
Dreamy Days Gaura
In Praise of Pink
In Praise of Pink Camellia
Classy Demeanor
Classy Demeanor Azalea,Cypress
Peter Pan Notes
Peter Pan Notes Naomi
Zig Zag Diaries
Zig Zag Diaries Veronica
Cold Weather Chic
Cold Weather Chic William
Print Play
Print Play Beryl,Peridot
The A-line Fall
The A-line Fall Zinnia
Forest Daydreams
Forest Daydreams Green Opal
A Dose of Green
A Dose of Green Jade Onyx
A Bit Bold
A Bit Bold Malachite,Beryl,Peridot
Dainty & Delicate
Dainty & Delicate Ava
A Rosy Affair
A Rosy Affair Charlotte
Details of Ruffles
Details of Ruffles Evelyn
Earthy Chic
Earthy Chic Valour,Earnest-Black
Spelling Sophistication
Spelling Sophistication Vaillant
The New Essential Coat
The New Essential Coat Gallant,Creamlette,Suave-Brown
Spark Some Joy
Spark Some Joy Affable,Earnest-Black
Make Me Blush
Make Me Blush Spry,Chipper
A Pop of Print
A Pop of Print Amiable
Lift Up The Mood
Lift Up The Mood Feisty
The Bright Bold Blazer
The Bright Bold Blazer Perky,Chipper,Mulberry
Rust & Ready
Rust & Ready Daylily,Earnest-Black
Stay Warm & Bright
Stay Warm & Bright Hoya,Earnest-Black
For Extra Warmth
For Extra Warmth Creamlette,Earnest-Black
Comfy Chic Vibes
Comfy Chic Vibes Blue Mist,Earnest-Black
Ease Into The Day
Ease Into The Day Primrose,Earnest-Black
A Dotted Affair
A Dotted Affair Kigali,Earnest-Black
Playing Stripes
Playing Stripes Yoruba,Earnest-Black
Pretty & Puffed
Pretty & Puffed Zulu,Earnest-Black
Maroon Marvel
Maroon Marvel Tunis,Polar
Geometrical Shift
Geometrical Shift Swahili
Stripe Spirit
Stripe Spirit Mombasa
Fit & Flare
Fit & Flare Maputo
Back To Basics
Back To Basics Flurry,Pearl,Earnest-Black
Floral Bliss
Floral Bliss Frozen Garden,Earnest-Black
Easy On The Eyes
Easy On The Eyes Iceberg,Earnest-Black
Mustardy Snug Style
Mustardy Snug Style Glacier,Noir Velvet
Walk The Line
Walk The Line Zebra Tie,Earnest-Black
Leopard Lovin
Leopard Lovin Jaguar
The Stripe Tribe
The Stripe Tribe Preto,Earnest-Black
Flouncy Play
Flouncy Play Zebra Stripe
Connect The Dots
Connect The Dots Krem,Earnest-Black
A Striking Sight
A Striking Sight Leo Creme,Earnest-Black
Spotted Splendor
Spotted Splendor Bruin Fall
Moonlit Nights
Moonlit Nights Mink,Grace
Pretty Powerful
Pretty Powerful Coniferous,Earnest-Black,Polar