Once upon a time, One Indian girl, Radhika, lived and worked in New York.

(And no, this is not the Radhika from Chetan Bhagat’s book. Although she is that smart, independent girl)

So, Radhika also shopped in New York.

She wore those impressive clothes to work, out at dinners or at fancy rooftops for work events !

A few years later Radhika moved back to India (new land of opportunity),and one day, she wanted to shop! But where could she?

There were so many options; International (mostly European) brands now in India, the e-commerce space was bursting with brands. In fact, there were many Indian brands too that promised to offer work-wear clothing.

Enthusiastic and eager, One sunny weekend, Radhika stepped out to shop and visited the mall. A plush mall with so many brands, excited, Radhika enters the first store...


Store A (An Indian brand)

After looking through a few work-wear racks, she thinks

“These styles are not even qualified for work-wear.
Some of them are so sheer and the necklines too deep.
And these designs are not even flattering”.

Radhika then adds further,

“These natural fabrics are so flimsy. And the polyester fabrics are so heavy, for this weather”

She stumbles on some cotton,

“Oh Crisp Cottons! But how will I even get through to ironing some of these and they’ll wrinkle so easily“

Store B: (A European brand)

“Finally a good collection in terms of the design, style and some good prints too”

Radhika now picks a handful of clothes and goes to the trial room. On trying the dress,

“Isn’t this a Size M? Why is it so tight around my arms and then awkwardly loose on the bust”

Dissuaded she moves on to try the pants

“This size is fitting me really tight from the hip and if I take a size bigger it will be loose”


Store C: (Popular Luxury Clothing Brand)
Radhika finally enters a high-end store. She tries out some tops and does like them.

“This shirt fits well”

Radhika finally enters a high-end store. She tries out some tops and does like them.

“This shirt fits well”

she thinks. Looks at the price tag

“Wow! This is double the price of what I would pay even in New York”.

After exiting a few more stores dejected and trying her hand at online shopping, Radhika turns to her friends for advice.

“Where do you guys shop for business casuals in India?”,

And to her surprise, despite so many brands, everyone had the same issues as her; Design, Fabric, Fit, or the overall quality!

We hear you



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